How To Pick The Right Projector For You?

If we talk about media consumption, the projector plays a significant role in terms of satisfaction nowadays. Every projector differs from others with its individual features. 

Whatever your preference is, brightness, image quality, connectivity, suggested projection distance, memory status, sound system, battery capacity, and a projection size of the projector matter. 

The market is really confusing for buying a projector for the first time. For this, let me enlighten you regarding some concerns of yours.

Things To Consider When Buying A Projector

While looking for a projector for your comfort, you need to know some key factors regarding the device before buying it. 


Before buying a projector, the purpose is the first thing to fix – whether for personal use or commercial purposes. 

If you are buying it for the first time, it is primarily for home use. For this, you need to think of a place for setting it up. Then again, you might consider projecting it out of home as well. 

Brightness And Image Quality

It would be best if you had a decent brightness along with a quality image. For this, at least 1000+ lumen is required, and the light source also matters for image quality. 


When using a projector, you will be looking for as much as possible connectivity installed on your projector for your comfortability. You will need a USB, Micro SD card, HDMI, and so on. 

BlueTooth with WiFi will ease your access. Pre Installed operating systems also play an essential role in compatibility. 

Projection Distance

The projection distance comes as you need it to fit your place. It can be varied from short to long distance. 


For better quality sound, stereo sound speakers will be handy for you. Hence the volume of the projector is also a concern. 


Lastly, if your projector has a memory of itself, that’s an absolute blessing. And your budget is also something to keep in mind.

Emotn H1 As Your Projector

The Emotn H1 comes with some fantastic features to meet your requirements. You will get 250 ANSI lumen in it while the light source is LED with an LCD chipset. This 250 ANSI lumen is equivalent to 4000+ lumen. 

The projector even supports HD & 3D. You can play 4k pictures on it as well.

You will get a contrast ratio of 3000:1 along with a keystone correction of ±45°, which helps you to fix stuff manually.

Emotn H1 will offer you Android 9.0 as the preinstalled operating system along with BlueTooth 5.0, WiFi, USB port, HDMI, Headphone, Micro SD port, and whatnot. 

The projection distance is 1m to 3.5m which perfectly suits both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is equipped with a 2*3W stereo speaker to soothe your ears. It also ensures minimum noise which is < 30 dB. 

The projection size is 40-100″, which is fine enough. It has a battery of 7800mAh and supports charging while projecting. You will get 1GB RAM & 16GB ROM in it. 

Considering all these and the price of $289 only, Emotn H1 appears to fit your requirements, ensuring service quality and durability!

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