How To Choose The Right Portable Projector

Projector has been widely used as a presentation tool for business presentations, home theater systems, game events & classrooms. Since buying a projector is not a regular task; therefore, getting a proper guideline is important to ensure the right projector is bought.

There are various ways a projector can be categorized. A projector’s specifications and purpose can make you differentiate between the projectors and choose the one that meets your needs. Having a portable mini projector in the bag while traveling is the best option and a great idea. Most people know that portable projectors are easy to pack in a bag and carry along.

Whether for business purposes or a movie theater, you should check for some features before choosing the right portable projector. The features include –

Size & Weight

This is the very first important feature that must be considered as a portable projector must be small and lightweight. Most of the portable projectors are of a mini pack but not all provide a good experience. The weight of these portable projectors is around 500gm to 2000gm. On the other hand, some of these projectors are limited to low resolution and lack the capabilities to provide a better experience. So, choosing the one with a higher resolution and the better lens is wiser.

Easy setup & Good connections

Portable projectors need to be very simple and easy to use that providing a good user experience. Nobody wants any complex interface or lots of buttons on a projector. It’s best when you just take out the projector from your bag and turn it on by just pressing a single button. Now, when it’s about connectivity, the portable you choose must have easy connections that can pair with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Have wireless Wi-Fi connectivity as well for faster and easy connection on the go. Do check if the projector has all the required connectivity ports such as VGA port & HDMI port.

Built-In Sound System

There are projectors with built-in speakers that give a better sound experience while the projector is displaying videos. And this is way better than carrying a Bluetooth speaker as well along with the projector. The projectors with onboard speakers are a better choice for a better sound system.

Brightness & Resolution

The brightness you will need in a projector depends on the type of environment you plan to play the projector in. The brightness is measured by the lumens of the projector; the higher the lumens, the brighter your projector will be. It’s better to look at projectors with a higher lumen rating so that it will give out a brighter output.

There are many projectors with different resolutions starting from 480 pixels to 4k pixel resolution. The higher the resolution, the better and clearer the picture, even if displayed on wider screens. For regular use and a better viewing experience, it’s wise to go with the 1080p resolution.


The above features are enough to help you guide yourself while picking up the right portable projector for your needs in daily life. Projectors like Emotn H1 have been the first choice for users nowadays for their better features and easy portable size. You can give it a try if you think the projector provides all you need.

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