How To Choose A Projector With Quality Lamp

While using a projector, you need to keep yourself aware of some factors, and the most crucial one is your lamp. 

Since you are using a projector for a better view, it isn’t very pleasant when you find your lamp not serving you at its best. Nothing could be worse if you are between some important stuff and your projector lamp ditches you right then. 

So to stay awake from the faulty lamp, you should try a regular check-up of your projector lamp. You will find some ways to check your projector lamp’s activity. 

Check Your Lamp Hours

Every projector lamp has an individual lamp life. Now considering your projector’s lamp life, you cannot expect your light to serve you to its fullest if it reaches or is about to run its lifetime. 

Check your lamp through the Settings of your Projector. Lamp time varies from one projector to another.

Spot On The Screen

Please take a closer look at your display and try to find any spot on it. If there is any spot, your lamp might have an issue itself. 

You will easily find the spot when the projector shows you any solid color like blue or red.

Lamp Dims

Observe to check whether your projector brightness gets dim during projection or not. 

To check it out in the easiest way, increase your projector’s brightness to its highest level and then let it play. If you find any changes in the brightness, you should consider changing your lamp.

Flickering Image

You may also look for any flickering image to ensure your lamp’s health. Image flickering means the appeared unsteadiness of a displayed image. 

You will notice a vivid change in the brightness if this issue occurs with you. It might cause you more eye strain. 

The Indicator Lamp

If you are a high-end projector user, your projector should have a lamp indicator light. This light lets you know the health of your lamp and keeps you aware of any faults in your lamp. 

You don’t have to change your projector immediately if this light is on. Instead, take a closer look at your lamp and try applying a fix according to necessity. 

Blown Lamp

This is the easiest way. If you find your lamp is blown while trying to power it on, you know that indeed there is something wrong with your lamp. It could be a hardware issue, or maybe the light itself is blown. You cannot change your projector lamp for further use in this case. 

Emotn H1

Now considering all these, Emotn H1 offers you a budget-friendly and best service-providing projector. It has an LED light source, and the lamp life is up to 50,000 hrs. 

The projector is also a fully sealed light machine to ensure no black spots on the screen. Pricing only $289, Emotn H1 beats every projector in this range!

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