How Many Lumens Is Good for A Projector?

Projectors are getting popular in the case of media consumption. People are looking for more comfort while looking at a screen, playing games, or having some entertainment hours with the family. 

Apart from that, in case of a business purpose to display something, you cannot but think of a projector. Projectors are being used for educational purposes as well. 

So if you are up to buying a projector, the most vital thing that should be kept in mind throughout the buying process is your purpose. Your preferences will vary according to your use purpose.


Now, firstly, the projector’s brightness should be noticed. If it’s not bright enough, it won’t meet your demand. And to measure how bright a projector is, we use lumen as a unit. 

Basically, a lumen is the standard unit for measuring light. The more lumen it says, the brighter the projector is. 

Image Quality

Therefore, you might wonder about the more lumen a projector offers, the better the picture quality is ensured. The fact is not like that, and image quality doesn’t depend on lumen solely. Instead, it’s related to the chip that converts light into images. 

However, the lumen is also related to the projection size and distance. The light has to travel through more space than a short-throw projector if you aim for a longer length. 

Again, for a larger projection size, light needs to spread more, and the required lumen varies here. 

ANSI lumen

Lumen is also measured in ANSI lumen. This ANSI lumen refers to the American National Standard Institute and is more or less 16 times larger than regular lumen.

How Many Lumens Do You Need?

Since you have to be aware of the brightness as in the lumen of a projector, you should keep the installation place or use purpose in your mind. 

If you use it for home theater purposes and in a dark room, 1000-1200 lumen is fair enough. If you are looking for gaming through your projector, you need at least 1500 lumen for your satisfaction. 

A less dark room, like in a room with a few lights or out of the house, beside a pool, you need at least 2000 lumen. For office and classroom purposes, you need to ensure having 2500-3000 lumen. 

So we see that the brighter the installation place is, the more lumen is required. 

Emotn H1

Here, let me suggest a projector with a good lumen amount. 

Emotn H1 offers you 250 ANSI lumen, equivalent to more than 4000 lumens. The projector comes with the best lumen feature inside its price range of $289. It’s an LED projector that ensures you decent picture quality as well.

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