Home Theater Projectors: 6 Things to Know Before You Buy

While you intend to buy a projector for home theater purposes, you need to know a few things. Nowadays, projectors are getting more familiar compared to TV in the same range. Here are the critical issues regarding what aspect you should consider buying a projector or not. 

Brightness In Lumens 

First of all, you need to learn about the brightness of a projector. Now, mostly you need a projector with 1500-3000 lumens to get an image view with decent brightness. With this, you can even play games smoothly. 

The lumen indicator shows you the brightness capability of a projector. ANSI lumen is more or less 16 times more than lumen.  

Image Quality

The projector’s image quality depends on the chipset and the source of light type of a projector. For a handsome experience, you should look for an LED light source with an LCD chipset to convert the light into an image. 

Projectors that support 1080p HD video and 4k are considered competent enough for home theaters.


Another fact about a projector is the projector’s positioning and the display surface. You should look for a short throw as you are considering a projector. These types don’t require you a lot of space. 

Hence if you mess up with the projection distance as in the projector’s positioning, you won’t get a pleasant experience.


Before buying a projector, you must look for an updated Bluetooth connection, WiFi, Micro SD card, LAN connection, and USB port facility on your projector. These will make your user experience smoother.

Software Compatibility

The operating software system of a projector also means a lot. It comes with lots of variations and features. When looking for multipurpose use, you should have updated system software.

Comfortability and Others

The battery backup, projection size, keystone correction, noise, speaker type, and storage facility are some exclusive features for your comfort. 

You might look for how many ports there are for you for further connections. Also, remember to consider the price.

Emotn H1 as a Home Theater Projector

You can select Emotn H1 for your Home Theater. While considering the above-stated stuff, you will find Emotn H1 handy enough. 

The Emotn H1 comes with a 250 ANSI lumen while supporting 1920×1080 dpi along with 4K resolution. This is a LED-based projector. You can have it installed with a projection distance of only 1.5-4.5m. 

Emotn H1

This projector is blessed with Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G/5G WiFi, a port for Micro SD card, LAN, USB, and HDMI port. It has Android 9.0, which makes it more compatible. 

You will find a 2*3W dual stereo HiFi speaker with a noise minimization of <30db. This lets you deal with keystone correction of ±45° on this device. You can also charge the 7800 mAh battery of it while projecting. 

Pricing only $289, this Emotn H1 perfectly suits you for your home theater concerning all the basic necessities.

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