Hire React Developer: The Right Skills You should Look for?

Want to hire react developers? You’ve landed in the right place. React is the newest Javascript library in the IT industry. Interest in this framework is growing steadily. This is still a very new front-end framework for developers to work with. Even though countless Javascript engineers are available, many don’t know about React Js.

Hiring a react developer is difficult due to its uniqueness. It’s usually a failure when an organization hires a react programmer. The failure occurs because companies aren’t aware of who they should employ in most cases. They eventually hired someone that understands the fundamentals of React. So we can state that hiring a react developer is tough. 

Below, we’ll go through the basics of React Js and will find out how to hire React developers. 

Exactly what is React?

The React JS framework is free and open source. It’s being used to make software that frequently refreshes data on its user interface. This technique eliminates the need to restart the full screen and the need to process individual code. React JS makes it far easier to design components written in a Programming language.

Alternatives to React

 If you are already familiar with React, you must have seen a few substitutes for React. It is better to know other available options as well. There are a few famous frameworks that are also very handy.

We have listed out a few of them. Let’s take a look.

  • Angular 2x: Angular is a popular open-source framework developed on the TypeScript programming language. Angular’s expertise is in developing robust and scalable infrastructure. However, it is acknowledged to be more demanding than React.
  • Vue.js: Vue is a library that is pretty quick for designing interactive web interfaces. A minimal and versatile API is getting introduced for data-reactive components. Vue is a library for developing interactive web interfaces that are pretty quick. Vue is significantly smaller in size than React or Angular, making it quite desirable as a front-end framework.
  • Ember.js: Ember is a Javascript library that keeps track of heavy tasks that are otherwise get performed manually. It thus effectively takes charge of jobs that are typical to all web applications. It will give you the time to concentrate on developing functions and the user interface.

 Companies that Utilize React

React is getting popular day by day. Many companies are now using React for their progress. We have written down some of the companies that are currently using React.js. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Uber
  • Medium
  • Pinterest 

Hire a React js Developer

React is getting famous as the most popular framework with every passing day. Because react is in demand, companies are also looking for experts in React developers. But the has to hire a react developer is indeed very tricky.

The reason is not that there are not enough react developers. There are plenty of them. But most of the developers are very average. Those who know the basics won’t handle a big project. Hence, the risk of hiring them is high.

After understanding the basics of React, developers begin developing applications. It is great for beginners, but for a complex project, it might not work. For that, you require further knowledge about React.

However, the only way is to find out which developers will work for you. You have to examine them. With that process, you will get your desirable candidate.

React Developer Qualities to Look for

If you want to hire a React Native developer, you have to rely on a process. In this process, you will evaluate all the candidates. Any skilled react developer must meet certain requirements to be considered for the position.

We have listed a few skills you must check out before hiring. There are both hard skills and soft skills that you should consider. Ensure that the developer meets these requirements so that your project shines. Here are some of them. 


 Hard Skills: 

  • A detailed overview of JS (JavaScript), HTML, and other front-end languages is essential.
  • Proficiency in JavaScriptXML and Babel and Webpack, Enzyme, Redux, and Flux. 
  • JavaScript basics such as Scope, variables, arrays, objects, DOM manipulation, and Array functions
  • Familiar with Node.js and NPM to manage third-party integrations.
  • Acknowledges the MVC architectural pattern and how React aligns with the overall architecture.
  • The React programmer must be capable of writing clean code.
  • Has previous PostgreSQL or MySQL database experience.
  • Strong understanding of modern tooling systems such as GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, and others.
  • Working experience and skills with React Hooks.

 Soft Skills:

  • Good communication for better understanding among the teammates 
  • Organizing skills to ensure a successful project
  • The Developer needs to have problem-solving skills. This is because things can get pretty dynamic.
  • Being accountable for his work.
  • Manage the team and help juniors to solve their work.

 Why Should You Hire React Developers?

When you hire react developers, it brings many benefits to the table. It will utilize your time properly. And at the same time, it will cut down your expenses. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a react developer.

  • Budget-Friendly: You will have many remote developers under a budget. Many agencies are providing such developers without any risks. So if you are concerned about money. This option will do for you.
  • Experienced Professionals: You can easily get a react developer with a logistic plan. Experienced developers are perfect for long or short projects. They are well-skilled.
  • Follow Deadlines: By hiring a react developer, you can quickly meet your client’s deadlines. You don’t have to compromise with timelines.
  •  High-Quality: Hiring a professional will ensure that your company gets top-notch quality. Your company’s reputation depends on the quality. 


Hire react developers as soon as possible if you have projects that need to be completed quickly. This will reduce the time it takes to complete your project. You have to make the best method to hire an ideal candidate. It will boost your business when you hire the right candidate. 

Remember, hiring a candidate can either make or break your company. Of course, the right candidate will ensure your company the profit. On the other hand, the wrong candidate can play the role of an imposter. Hence, make sure that while hiring a React developer, they have these skills. That will ensure success. 

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